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Our Community

The Bloomingdale Ridge Homeowner's Association includes both the subdivisions of Fox Run and The Greens, with just under 300 homes in total. Our Association is one of the few active associations within the Bloomingdale community, which has the authority to enforce the community Deed Restrictions without the participation of the individual homeowners.

Our Association is responsible for the maintenance of the entrances and ponds located within our neighborhoods. Several committees are chaired by Association Board Members, such as the Architectural Control Committee, which oversees changes to properties within the neighborhood, and our Welcoming Committee which greets new homeowners in the area. In addition we also coordinate neighborhood projects and improvements, such as signs and landscaping, and can interface with the Bloomingdale Special Taxing District or the Bloomingdale Homeowners Association as necessary.

All of the homes within our Association fall under both the Bloomingdale Ridge Homeowner's Association and the Bloomingdale Homeowner's Association. Our Association, however, handles all deed restrictions, enforcement and control issues within the neighborhood in contrast to the Bloomingdale Homeowner's Association which acts primarily as an informational and lobbying entity for the entire Bloomingdale community.

As mentioned above, our Association is a strong and active group which has the power to enforce restrictions within our neighborhood. It is the opinion of our Board that by maintaining this strength, and utilizing it when necessary, we are able to maintain the high quality of our neighborhood, as is evident by the higher home values in Bloomingdale Ridge versus other comparable nearby neighborhoods that were built at the same time by the same builders. It is our desire to work with the homeowners before any enforcement steps are necessary. In contrast to our power, many other local associations within Bloomingdale have no power to enforce regulations. In these cases, the enforcement of violations must be made by neighbors, resulting in the possibility of Neighbor against Neighbor.

Community participation is invited whenever possible. Anyone interested in assisting with committee work or information gathering is invited to contact us.